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Uncle Bades Assorted Products Uncle Bades Assorted Products
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Marshmallows and caramel corn covered in delicious chocolate. (16 oz. pkg).
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Bade's Blend Jug

Savory cheddar cheese and sweet caramel popcorn blended together for an explosion of flavor. (21 oz. jug)

March Popcorn of the Month - Rainbow Caramel

There’s no need for gold at the end of the rainbow when you’ve got Uncle Bade’s popcorn! This sweet caramel corn treat brings a pop of color with bright, vibrant kernels that are almost as fun to look at as they are to eat. (51 cups)

Who's Uncle Bade

A gifted storyteller and expert in Native American lore, Uncle Bade captivated the minds of countless boys, instilling a love for both nature and history in the hearts of a young generation of Iowans. As naturalist and ranger at Camp Mitigwa, Uncle Bade's quiet mentorship and instruction in arrowhead chipping forever in influenced the lives of those who gathered outside his cabin.

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